Thursday, June 2, 2011


There is a special class of runner, of which I am a member.  I'm a big girl.  When I race, I can sign up for a division that is not merely based on age and gender but on size as well.  Like boxing, running has introduced weight divisions.

I've seen two names used for my special category.  One is great; one sucks.  Athenas and Fillies/Clydesdales.  As a woman who weighs more than 145 pounds (I won't say how much more), I am officially voting for Athena runners as the go-to term for amply musclified women like me.  I am not a horse.  I'm not even 10% of a Clydesdale.  I am a goddess.  I'm an Athena.  Get it right.


  1. Clydesdale? Seriously?!?! How ridiculous can you get. My apologies on their behalf (whoever "they" are, they should be ashamed.

  2. Right? To be fair, clydesdales is typically used to refer to the bigger guys, and fillies to the bigger girls, but the horse motif is an epic fail!

  3. erp, when did you become master of the pun? I remain grasshoppa.