Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's your favorite workout anthem?

Here are a few songs on my soundtrack:

Wake Up (Arcade Fire)
Lose Yourself (Eminem)
Bad (U2)
Sail (AWOLNation)
In the Hall of the Mountain King (Social Network Soundtrack)
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show (Neil Diamond)
O Fortuna (Carl Orff's Carmina Burana)
Shipping Up to Boston (Dropkick Murphys)

What's your favorite song to sweat, sing, dance, or fall asleep to?


  1. A good workout list is something I keep meaning to put together, but every time I think about doing so, I figure my time is better spent actually working out, so I do that instead.

    I usually just put on a high energy artist like Apollo 440, She Wants Revenge (good rhythms), or Dream Theter.

  2. My workout/running soundtrack centers on fast paced music, with a few feel-good 80s songs thrown in to mix it up. It's mostly Linkin Park, POD, U2, & action movie soundtracks (e.g. MI-2, Matrix (1 & 2), XXX, Transformers, The Crow, Daredevil, Scorpion King). Amazing how many lousy movies have phenomenal workout/running music soundtracks...