Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Build your brain!

Here's an article that gives us one more reason to believe EXERCISE is for EVERYONE!
Get out and sweat a little today so you can better remember all of your tomorrows and yesterdays.

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  1. Interesting article and, as it concludes, "you can't go wrong by exercising." I agree.

    I also really enjoyed reading the comments. They seem to be pretty evenly split between those past a certain age who scoff at the importance of remembering what they had for breakfast three days ago and those who scoff at the importance of remembering the difference between a photo of a grand piano and a photo of a baby grand piano. :)

    I love this: "...Maybe as a person advances in age, the brain develops the skill of storing shorthand for things of little or no interest. I never play a piano, I have no interest in pianos, I'm not making "memories" of any more damned pianos."